1. Jack Sparrow: "I think we've all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically."

2. Jack Sparrow: "We are very much alike, you and I, I and you... us."
Elizabeth Swann: "Oh. Except for a sense of honor and decency and a moral center. And personal hygiene."
Jack Sparrow: [Sniffs his armpit and looks back] "Trifles."

3. Jack Sparrow: [holds up jar of dirt] "Oi! Fishface! Lose something? Eh? Scungilli!" [falls down stairs, holds up jar again] "Got it! Come to negotiate, eh? Have you, you slimy git? Look what I got." [sing-song] "I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt, and guess what's inside it!"

4. "Remember? We were eating pics....I mean PIZZA!" - Emily Guidry during IM.

5. Adam Holland - "It's a four letter word for God." Emily Vaughn - "Sovereign?"

6. "Remember, everyday is a winding road." Jessie told worker in drive through to say this to Katie since it was in her head all day. LOL.

7. "Ooo! That picture would look really cool with an ocean in the background...that can be arranged." -Emily Vaughn said after taking a picture of sister Katie Vaughn.

8. "The day Bob Hope broke his...(starts laughing uncontrollably...then pauses)....sorry...this is sad." - Katie Vaughn, reading an answer during the game Beyond Balderdash.

9. "It's all for the scrapbook!" - Emily Vaughn

10. Emily - "When you come out, can you bring the clock?" Jess - "The what?" Emily - "The Clock!" Jess - "The WHAT?" Emily - "The CLOCK! C-L-O-K! CLOCK!"

11. (Ordering at Cracker Barrel) Adam Holland - "How do you suggest I have my eggs cooked?" Waitress - "Um, sir? I wouldn't ask a pregnant lady that!" Adam - "I'll just have them scrambled."

12. (show: 24) Jack Bauer - "We have a situation."

13. (show: 24) Jack Bauer - "Now we're gonna have fun."

14. (show: 24) Jack Bauer - "I'm going to need a hack saw."

15. (show: 24) Jack Bauer: [On cell phone] "George, it's me."
George Mason: "Jack! Well, as usual, I don't know whether to congratulate you or to demand for your resignation. "

16. (show: 24) [Jack sees Victor Drazen in a surveillance camera]
Jack Bauer: "It's Victor Drazen."
DeSalvo: "Who's he?"
Jack Bauer: "A man I killed two years ago."

17. (show: 24) Jack Bauer: "If you don't tell me what I want to know, then it'll just be a question of how much you want it to hurt."

18. (show: 24) Jack Bauer: "The only reason that you're conscious right now is because I don't want to carry you."

19. (show: 24) Chloe: [as Jack strangles an FBI officer and a horrified teenage boy looks on] "Don't worry... he's really good at this."

20. (show: 24) Jack Bauer: [angry] "When I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish that you felt this good again."

21. "But I *do*!" - Katie Vaughn

22. "I'll have to pray about it." - practically everyone at Boyce and beyond!

23. “Suzy farted. But that’s okay. It’s completely natural.” – Katie Phillips

24. "You learn something new everyday! It keeps life interesting." - Emily Vaughn

25. "Girlfriend, Boyfriend. Boyfriend, Girlfriend. (in a dreamy voice) Love..." A little girl I babysit named Emily W. She was showing me pictures and said this and I thought it was hilarious! LOL.

26. (My family had ordered their drinks at Olive Garden, we were waiting for Jess to get back to order hers. When she did, this is what she said.) "Um..hmm..you know, I think I want try some of your..um..well, could I have your...(sigh) could I just have water?"

27. "Drake: C’mon, let’s play ping-pong! Josh: All right... Drake: And the battle begins! (rings bell) Ohh, my worthy opponent. Are you prepared to ping the pong? Josh: Wahahaha. I am prepared, young sedgewan. Your pong is no match for my ping! Drake: Ahh, do your worst! (they play until Josh’s paddle flies out of his hand and out the window) Drake: You have smashed the window of transparency!" - Drake and Josh show on Nickelodeon

28. "Nicklecreek? Never heard of them. Personally I like Quarterstream..." - Dr. Deklavon, Boyce College

29. "Come On!!" - Kameron Edenfield and Eric Dorman

30. "Gasp!" - Emily Vaughn's favorite thing to say.

31. "Girl, you don't know the half of it!" - Katie Phillips

32. "I don't just say things...I have reasons." - Katie Phillips

33. Not really a quote, but something funny I accidentally did. I was going to the site: iwillworship.com and accidentally typed in: iwillsoworship.com. LOL.

34. My friend Kate and I went out to eat together the other day and afterwards stopped at this place to get snow cones. After Kate ordered I asked her what the difference was between the Kiddie and the Small size. We asked the lady: "Ma'am, what is the difference between the Kiddie and the Small?" Snow cone lady: "They are different sizes." (No! Really?!)

35. "Wait! Listen! Do you smell something?" - Dr. Ray Stantz, Ghostbusters

36. "One for the money, two for the show, three...because it comes before four...and here we go!" - Tigger (from one of the Winnie the Pooh movies)

37. “I’m going to kick your butt!” – Mrs. Phillips (To me During Taboo)

38. “Jesus’ father was a…” – Mr. Phillips (trying to get us to say Carpenter). “God!” – Tracy Vaughn (During Taboo) "No! Well, yes! But his other father!" - Mr. Phillips

39. “When I get…ching ching…” – Cari Phillips (During Taboo. She was trying to get us to say ATM)

40. “John!” – Me “Okay that’s his first name. He wrote a book…” – Mr. Phillips “John the Baptist?” – Katie Phillips (During Taboo)

41. “Who was the first president?” – Katie Phillips “George Washington.” – Me “Okay good. Now name the rest.” – Katie Phillips (During Taboo. She was trying to get us to say Jimmy Carter.)

42. “I love you with a passion!” – Me “Take your passion over there!” – Katie Vaughn

43. “But I just follow what my heart wants to do and it wants to play outside!” – Morgan C.

44. “Duh duh duh, ain’t nobody!” - from a video in a film contest

45. “Dante met a Korean boy.” - from a video in a film contest

46. “Society would suck without them!” - from a video in a film contest

47. “We’re rolling in metaphorical dough!” - from a video in a film contest

48. “We’re BrrEAKing the LAW!” – Me “No we’re not!” – Mom “There was a no-u-turn sign right there…” – Me “Oh…We’re BrrEAKing the LAW!” – Mom

49. “No we can’t go swimming. I think it is going to rain.” – Me “Oh. The squirrels will take care of that.” – Tucker, kid I babysit “Oh?...pause….how?” – Me “Well, I believe that that squirrels are magical.” Tucker. “pause…..Really?” – Me

50. “If it’s popsicle, its possible.” - Commercial

51. “What would you like in your ice cream?” – worker. “A whopper. Well, I mean not just one whopper. Lots of whoppers!” – Cari Phillips

52. “It’s in my chestal area…” – TJ Phillips during Taboo

53. "I am truly inspired by your inspiring song of inspiration!" - Emily Vaughn

54. "I'm against sin. I'll kick it as long as i've got a foot, and I'll fight it as long as I've got a fist. I'll butt it as long as I've got a head. I'll bite it as long as I've got a tooth. And when I'm old and fistless and footless and toothless, I'll gum it till I go home to Glory and it goes home to perdition!" - Rev. Billy Sunday (found this quote on a friend's facebook and loved it!)

55. "I came, I parked, I conquered." - Eric Dorman (on facebook)

56. "I'm going after Moby Dick and I'm taking the tartar sauce with me!" - Chaplain Darbyshire during a sermon

57. "I LOVE cheese! You know...they used to call me the human mouse..." - Cari Phillips

58. "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's got *squirt* cheese!!!" - Katie Phillips

59. "Its a little kid motion." - Cari Phillips (meaning Motrin)

60. "Too high, in the sky, hit a plane, poor plane, dead plane, Plane Crasher!" - chant from girls on Cari Phillips Softball team

61. "Too low, on the ground, hit a worm, poor worm, dead worm, Worm Killer!" - chant from girls on Cari Phillips Softball team

62. "Too high, in the sky, hit a bird, poor bird, dead bird, Bird Killer!" - chant from girls on Cari Phillips Softball team

63. "You're like a steamed vegetable..But you're smart!" - Spongebob Squarepants

64. "In this world of complexitous complications." - sings the Cat in the Hat in a Dr. Seuss video I watched while babysitting

65. "Emily, can we chat?" - Morgan C. (5), a little girl I babysit

66. "Where did your parents get you?" - Tucker P., a little boy I babysit. Katie Phillips told him where she was born and he replied: "Oh, well I think my parents got me off ebay!"

67. "Did you check the cookies?" - Mrs. Phillips, "Yep! They are still in there." - Cari Phillips

68. "I did really good on it when he got it for Christmas." - Katie Phillips. "He got it for his birthday!" - Cari Phillips. "I know!" - Katie Phillips

69. "My horoscope told me it is unlucky to wear paint on my body today. So I washed my tatoo off." - Cari Phillips

70. "I sss...Promise!" - Cari Phillips

71. "You're not very pretty, and you're not very bright. I'm so glad we had this talk!" - StepMom in movie: Cinderella Story

72. "This girl, I never knew her,....." - Katie Phillips

73. "Is it recording or is it on standby? Put it on standby!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

74. "I hate to be the voice of reason here, *guys*, but this is crazy!.....pause......But that's never stopped us before!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

75. "Hey!.....those are fighting words!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

76. "I'm sorry, Jessie, I tried *everything*!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

77. (Playing with a stuffed real owl on a wooden platform) "Hey, can I have this!?" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

78. (holds up a dead armadillo) "This...was once..alive." - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

79. (shouts as he fires off many rounds from a paint gun) "WOLVERINES!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

80. "I need $2,000 for an engine or a miracle." - Jessie in the movie: Extreme Days. "Maybe I'm your miracle." - Bryan in the movie: Extreme Days

81. "Would you like a falafel with that?" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

82. (to Jessie) "Is there anything you can't do?" - Bryan in the movie: Extreme Days. "She can't sing." - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days. "Really?" - Bryan in the movie Extremem Days. "Sounds like a coyote in a trash compactor." - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

83. "We've got a full HMI plan." - Matt in the movie: Extreme days. "You mean HMO... H... M... O." - Will in the movie: Extreme Days. "No, it's different than that." - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

84. "We're expanding!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days. "Two! You have two. And the other one broke down because....!" - Will in the movie: Extreme Days. (interrupts Will and speaks in a hushed tone) "Hey! That wasn't our fault!" - Matt in the movie: Extreme Days

85. "Flippidity." - Emily Vaughn

86. "...Noon to 11:30..." - Cari Phillips (When I asked her what the average time was she got up each day during the summer.)

87. "I think your face has changed. You know, I don't mean that in a good way...I mean...!" - Katie Phillips

88. "Have you seen 'A Knight's Tale'?" - Cari Phillips. "Yeah." - Emily Vaughn. "Its about knights and stuff..." - Cari Phillips

89. "Bring me the juicer." - Katie Phillips

90. "If you do that, I'm going to take her away from you!" - Emily Vaughn. (Cari grabs my dog Annie and holds her close.) "Who?" - Cari Phillips

91. "They probably built an immunity to it." - Emily Vaughn. "You mean like the immune system?" - Katie Phillips

92. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by, its about learning how to dance in the rain. " - Unknown

93. "Where is Lafayette? Mexico?" - Katie Lanier. "Um...No, Katie. Louisiana." - Sarah Lanier.

94. (Intro: We had just gotten a hotel room on a military base and on this base (which was an Air Force Base) this particular hotel named each of its rooms after Air Planes. As we walked in the door of our room I noticed our name was: Altus. The room was really nice. So my sister commented.)

"Coolness!" - Jessica Vaughn. "No, Jessie. Altus." - Emily Vaughn

95. "What's that guy doing here?" - Jessica Vaughn. "Either A.) He is here to fix the ATM machine...or B.) He is going to snatch little girls into his van and drive away... I haven't decided yet..." - Emily Vaughn

96. "Guess what movie I'm watching tonight..." - Emily Vaughn. "I don't know...what?" - Daddy Vaughn. "M. Night's movie Lady in the Water. I love that movie!" - Emily Vaughn. "Sure it won't keep you up?" - Dad. "What do you mean? Because it might be scary or because I'll be up late?" - Emily Vaughn. "Yes." - Dad. "(laugh). Um... Which one?" - Emily Vaughn. "Yes." - Dad. "(laugh). Well then, no to the first and with the other yes it definitely will. (laugh)." - Emily Vaughn

97. (Comments on Facebook under a picture of me leaning on a gate...)

Emmy Turner - "Ahhh!! I miss you SOOOO much!!!!!!"

Emily Vaughn - "I MISS YOU TOO!! You need to come see me!!!!"

Sarah Lanier - "That gate is larger than it looks"

(LOLOL. Talk about RANDOMNESS, Sarah! LOL.)

98. "Whoever's turn it is, go now!" - Jessica Vaughn. "Its your turn..." - Momma Vaughn

99. "Is 2 + 2 always 4?" - Jessica Vaughn. "Is this a trick question?" - Emily Vaughn. "Just answer the question.." - Jessica Vaughn. "Yes." - Emily Vaughn. "Good answer." - Jessica Vaughn

100. "Guess what meat I ate the other day?" - Cari Phillips. "Hmm....Cow?" - Emily Vaughn. "No." - Cari. "Bacon? Hot dogs?" - Emily. "No. I'll give you a clue... I ate it at Chik-Fil-A!" - Cari.

101. "I have magic scissors that can cut through metal!" - Cari Phillips. "No you don't!" - Emily Vaughn. "Okay, I don't. But I saw them at the store the other day. I used them and they cut my quarter in half! Boy was that a waste of 25 cents!" - Cari Phillips

102. "Oh right!" - Cari Phillips

103. "Like have you ever had a chocolate malt ball?" - Mom. "No. Oh wait! You mean a *chocolate malt ball*? Yeah. I've had one of those." - Jessica Vaughn

104. (I had commented on a picture of flipflops [on facebook] and here is the conversation that followed) :

Emily Vaughn - Awesome. Aren't those Rainbows?

Sarah Lanier -Yup.

Emily Vaughn - Sweet! I hear those are like so comfortable but kinda expensive for flops.

Jacob King - Them shoes are brown they aren't rainbows.

Sarah Lanier - HAHAHA noooo jacob! Rainbow is a BRAND!

Jacob King - oh...

105. "Lame with a capital 'W'." - Cari Phillips, Katie Phillips

106. "Yuck. I hate onions." - Emily Vaughn. "Onions Onions! I love Onions! Onions Onions! GOooo Onions!!!!!" - Cari Phillips

107. "What are you looking at?" - Emily Vaughn. "Trying to find out!" - Cari Phillips

108. "You're so tan!" - Cari Phillips. (What Cari thought I said): "Thanks. I work out." - Emily Vaughn

109. "What do you call a banana with a monkey?" - Cari Phillips. "I don't know." - Emily Vaughn. "Certainly not a monkey with a banana!" - Cari Phillips

110. "I've got some great ideas....Katie?" - Cari Phillips

111. "Nobody is perfect. Well, there was this one guy... but we killed him." - unknown

112. "Words of wisdom...from the other one." - Emily Vaughn talking about Katie Vaughn

113. "I've still got a chance to win!" - Jessica Vaughn. "There is always a chance...just not a very good one." - Emily Vaughn Note: Jessica was losing very badly... :)

114. "Unless you're Belgian..." - Jessica Vaughn

115. Surprise, surprise! She's our man! If she can't do it no one can! You ugly! Yeah, yeah you ugly!" - Jessica Vaughn

116. "He was a little bottle of fur." - Papa Tom. "You mean a little ball of fur." - Grandmother Betty. "Yeah, that too." - Papa Tom

117. I've been craving it a long time. Tommy, when did I mention it to you?" - Momma Vaughn. "A couple days ago...?" - Daddy Vaughn

118. "It doesn't take much of a man to be a Christian. It takes all of him." - unknown

119. "..With that scrambled eggs on his head.." - Papa Tom

120. "I like my water...dry." - Cari Phillips

121. A story my papa told me about when he went to the Philippines: They were about to set foot out of the airport into the Philippines. But first they had to do customs and such. Well, they had over 400 pounds of medicine to treat the poor people. Well, there was a sign that said any drugs found and the person would be shot. So my Papa told the group and the Pastor, if the men ask, it is First Aid for the Poor. That wasn't lying technically.. It was the truth, just different words. :) Well, the Pastor was very nervous. A soldier came up to him, gun and all and was very intimidating. He asked the Pastor what they had. The Pastor quickly answered: Drugs!! LOLOLOLOLOL. (No one was harmed, they prayed for a couple hours then the soldier came back and said he felt like he should give it all back but that they couldn't come back that way with stuff like that again. Amazing God we have or what!)

122. "I like my water...on the rocks." "I like my ice frozen." - Katie Phillips

123. "What's the capital of Kentucky?" - Momma Vaughn. "Franklin?" - Nanny. "No, but your close!" - Momma Vaughn. "Knoxville?" - Nanny. (correct answer: Frankfort)

124. "A TOAST, raise your marshmallow stick!" - Dr. Seus Movie

125. "Its called a ServerBurp!" - Tucker, little boy I babysit talking about a "Zurple"! LOL

126. "Sorry I elbowed you.." - Momma Vaughn

127. "My mind remembers even if I don't!" - Emily Vaughn

128. "I LOVE you SO much I'd kill you and make a Replica of you so that I could love you ALL OVER Again!!" - Cari Phillips

129. "Wait...6:45...in the morning?...Wait...What are they doing again?" - Cari Phillips

130. "It might be under Bob Phillips...Or maybe Tracy Phillips?..." - Cari Phillips at Blockbuster. "Yeah...They're married." - Katie Phillips

131. "Mel Gibson so wins the Ben Hackler Award." - Ben Hackler, Youth Pastor

132. "There is a greek word for that....STUPID!" - Ben Hackler, Youth Pastor

133. "With poop on it...I mean MOOSE!" - Katie Phillips

134. "We are going WITH or WITHOUT you!....Yeah!.. And your coming too!!" - Cari Phillips

135. "Just call me Bertha!" - Tina Crouse

136. "Sometimes people just can't help being hot.." - Emily Guidry

137. "I'll follow him...Everywhere he goes. NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED. I'll be like, YEA hun. See OVER THERE that's my best friend. and um LOOK, oh theres you. If you HURT that girl over there, the GUY over here will see serious flashes of pain....With your permission of course..." - Emily Guidry

138. "I have a title for a romantic love song: When my love bought me a kleenex tissue." - Emily Guidry

139. "Hey... If you were on the periodic table of elements, I'd put you at the top with oxygen...cause when you in the room, I JUST CAN'T BREATHE!" - Cari Phillips

140. "Were you and Penelope ever...you know... (makes static sound)?" - Emily Vaughn. "When you say (makes static sound) I hope you don't mean (makes static sound)..." - Cari Phillips

141. "Your magic! No wait...YOUR magic.. But I LOOK like MAGIC!" - Katie Phillips

142. "What's your full name?" - Emily Vaughn. "Vicki." - Erin Mallory.

143. "What's your full name?" - Emily Vaughn. "Hmm...Should I tell you my name...?" - Cari Phillips. "Allegra! Tell me your name!" - Emily Vaughn.

144. "I'm a gangster. I'm a straight up G. The gangster life is the life for me. Shooting people by day selling drugs by night. Being a gangster is hecka tight....I saw the police man and I punched him in the eye. To serve and protect, WHAT A LIE! I also don't like white people, you shouldn't too. And don't get me started about the jews. I'm a gangster." - ringtone on Katie Phillip's phone

145. "Hey, Emily... Under these clothes I'm naked...." (and) "Hey, Emily...I shower in the nude..." - Cari Phillips

146. "I think it just means he's really popular.." - Cari Phillips

147. "Girl?! You in heaven!" - Cari Phillips

148. "Hey! Your not wanted here!..." - Cari Phillips. "Ok." - Emily Vaughn. "Hey! You get back here!" - Cari Phillips

149. "Water with ice or water with no ice?" - Emily Vaughn. "The third option." - Cari Phillips

150. "Not the brightest cow in the herd." - Cari Phillips

151. "What do you want from Arby's?" - Mr. Phillips. (Cari SUPPOSEDLY SAID:) "I don't want nothing from Arby's, Fool!" - Cari Phillips

152. "HeellllO, Soldier!" - Cari Phillips

153. "Be a man!" - Emily Vaughn. "I don't WANT to be a man!!" - Mikey Guidry

154. "You know those swiss army rolls?" - Emily Guidry

155. "My butt is wet, thats why I'm making this song. That's why I'm singing 'bout my wet bottom!" - Cari Phillips

156. "You KNOW what I do to liars!" - Cari Phillips while punching her fist into her hand.

157. "I said hilo." - Emily Vaughn. "I know. I was there." - Katie Phillips.

158. "Give me, give me, give me! I need, I need, I need!" - What about Bob?

159. "So Cari, what do you want to do?" - Emily Vaughn. "Sabotage your future!" - Cari Phillips

160. "Wendy's proves to be an elusive little eating establishment if I ever saw one. I just don't understand her at all.Eat here even late.......IF YOU CAN FIND ME BWAHAAAAAAAA! I'd even go so far as to say that Wendy's kind of a jerk. I was in a Wendy's the other day and no joke, they had a card board advertisement for getting your kids a Wendy's gift card for back to school time. Can't you just see it now: 'Mom, I'm about to miss the bus!' 'You're not going anywhere with out that GIFT CARD, young lady!'" - Cole Harper

161. Messaging on facebook with my sister Katie:

"Oops! Thanks! What would I do without you..? :) Hee hee. Love you!" - Emily Vaughn

"Curl up in a ball and purr like a cat...then Jessica wouldn't like you though...so, you'd better keep me around." - Katie Vaughn

"LOLOLOLOL. Well, ok. You've convinced me. You can stay. For now. But you better watch out for those demerits!" - Emily Vaughn

"NOOOOOO...don't take my brownie points!!!" - Katie Vaughn

"LOL. Well, ok. But you watch your back! You never know what spies may be lurking in the bushes or behind columns. They may even be...I dare not say it! Well ok....they may even be...God forbid...your very own friends! Gasp!" - Emily Vaughn

"I must admit that I do not even know how to respond to that..." - Katie Vaughn

162. "Cow tipping! WHAM!" - Sarah Lanier

163. "GO WIN!" - Jacob King

164. "Wait, say that again?" - Lee. "Got a buck?" - Dan Webb

165. Cari Phillips sang to me what little she knew of "Wind beneath my Wings" on the phone. Here is what was said afterwards. "Wow, Cari... That was deep." - Emily Vaughn. "Oh, do you want me to sing higher?" - Cari Phillips

166. (Cari was singing "Wind beneath my Wings" again and started adding her own verses) "Did you ever know you are my hero? Did you ever know how much hair is on an octopus?" - Cari Phillips

167. "Aww!! Look! He looks just like Pinoccio!..Except he's a real boy!!" - Cari Phillips

168. "You are strange...ly wonderful!" - Daddy Vaughn. "Good save, dad." - Emily Vaughn.

169. Playing Disney's version of Scene it. Katie had to tell us where "Pink Elephants on Parade" was from. Pointing to Genie from Aladdin she said: "But...were they *pink*?" - Katie Phillips

170. Coming from the bathroom: "Whew! I feel like I just lost 10 pounds!" - Cari Phillips

171. Cari and I played a trick on Katie. She was in the restroom and need some toilet paper. So we quickly grabbed the paper towels from the kitchen and gave it to her. After the door closed, we listened for her reaction. After a few minutes, we heard Katie say: "Is this really what you want me to use?" - Katie Phillips

172. "Hey look, Emily! GummiBears making out!" - Cari Phillips

173. I was babysitting these two little boys named Tucker and Josh. They were playing hide and go seek except for the fact that they showed each other where to hide then celebrated with excitement when they found each other. I soon heard this from Tucker: "Can we play something else? This game is getting too hard for me." - Tucker P.

174. "Look! Look! Tangerines are making out! No. Emily! Emily! *Orangutans* are making out!" - Cari Phillips

175. "Don't you hate drivers who won't follow directions? Take a right here." - Cari Phillips. (Btw, there was only a place to turn left.)

176. "You moved the whole table!" - Emily Vaughn. "No, baby. I moved the whole world." - Cari Phillips.

177. "Its a small orange." - Cari Phillips. "A Smorange?" - Emily Vaughn. "No. Actually its a tangerine. *Orangutan*." - Cari.

178. "Hey!" - Brianna S. "You know, *hay* is the first stage to horse poop." - Cari Phillips

179. (playing monopoly) "Can I borrow 5 bucks?" - Emily Vaughn. "Sure." - Cari Phillips. "No strings attached?" - Emily. "Yeah. Just like a free puppet. Juts call me pinoccio!" - Cari

180. Watching Sesame street while I was babysitting one day. They were talking all about feet. So on Elmo's World, the tv said "Next up: Toeklahoma and feet the press!"

181. (playing monopoly) "I'm wise!...Where am I?" - Cari Phillips

182. (playing monopoly) "Man. You guys are in debt up to your kneeballs!" - Cari Phillips

183. (playing monopoly) I told Cari I would pay her in a 20 dollar bill. These are green (the other bills are different colors). Cari said that was fine. Then she said: "I like it *green*..." - Cari Phillips

184. Billboard that obviously needs help with advertising: "Can't flush? Don't fuss. Call us!"

185. Billboard that forgot to give a phone number: "Call Ron Carter: Auto Group."

186. "Me neither nother." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

187. "Where is the map? Or should I say mapatation?" - Bad guy. "I don't believe that is a word." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

188. "This is the derndest circumvendemous I've ever experienced." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

189.(Talking to his horse) "Eugene, that was a dern foul trick." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

190. "I've never seen snow so capulsary." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

191. "I didn't mean to get us killed." - Friend. "Well, as long as you don't do it again." - Mr. Blue from "Roughing it"

192. "You make me want to puke!...in a good way." - Jessica Vaughn

193. "5 mph?! Look I'm going 6!" - Jessica Vaughn (We were barely moving...we were like, you gotta be kidding me..)

194. "I know you better then you know yourself? Do you like butterfingers?" - Cari Phillips

195. "What goes around, comes around." - Emily Vaughn. "What goes around?" - Katie Phillips

196. "I can still hear her off-key voice singing me to bed...Sigh...She couldn't sing a note, you know?" - Tigger

197. (A real news headline about a wife in a fight with husband. She shot their tv with a gun. Here is what the newscaster said..) "The Tv was pronounced dead on the scene." - FoxNews, Shepherd Smith

198. "I colored this all by myself!" - Cari Phillips. "I helped her." - Katie Phillips

199. "Hilarity!" - Katie Phillips

200. "What if the whole war just ended over macaroni and cheese?" - Katie Phillips

201. (Mr. Phillips telling us what some soldiers have access to overseas) "They have it better than us! Let's go fight a war!!" - Katie Phillips

202. Man in feathered hat on RiverWalk in San Antonio, he talks to people as they pass, trying to get them to eat at his restaurant. Here is what he said to my sister and me) "Girls!! Come eat here! I'll sit with you! I get off in 15 minutes!.."

and a time before...:

"...Reminds me of my old girlfriend..." (said this as we passed by)

203. "I can't do didly on the computer. I can do more than my grandma but thats not saying much." - Morgan Furnish

204. "Is there any here that are handicapped?" - Mr. Fortson. Caleb W. raises his hand. "Not mentally, Caleb." - Mr. Fortson.

205. "I'm going to slip into a sugar induced coma!" - Katie Vaughn

206. "I didn't do it ociffer!" - Daddy Vaughn (hearing an ambulance siren.)

207. (Eating salad) "I just blew on it..." - Katie Vaughn

208. "I don't want to go to Japan. I still haven't forgiven them for Pearl Harbor. I don't want to...So..There!" - Momma Vaughn. (Btw, She's JOKING, folks!) :)

209. "Seymour was acting Punk." - Bre

210. "I'm not saying I'm like burning up or whatever, but its hotter than Hades in here..." - Katie Vaughn (requesting we turn on the AC in the car..) :)

211. (Larry the Cucumber as Minnasota Cuke...walks into Malta's Malts.....) "..But first, I'd like a Malta." - Larry. "A Malt." - friend. "What?" - Larry. "A Malt is a dessert. Malta is a country." - friend. "But with an italian accent,.....their both the same.." - Larry.

212. "Hey Lauren...Its Cari. I know we didn't really get a chance to talk..." - Cari Phillips

213. "Installation 3 of Emily's Christmas Extravaganzation!" - Me (pulling out part 3 of the Christmas CD's I put together.)

214. (Pointing to a picture of an advent wreath with candles...) "Look! Its a birthday cake!" - Little Sunnydale Hyde

215. "I'm just Judy." - Cari Phillips

216. "Oh Eeyor, we didn't forget...We just didn't remember." - Winnie the Pooh

217. "Sorry!...Sorry some more!...Pigaleto is probably up to something neat!" - Tigger (bouncing from place to place knocking people and things over)

218. "I'm a medical marvel!" - Katie Vaughn

219. "Where ever your heart desires!" - Cari Phillips. "Puerto Rico?" - Emily Vaughn

220. (Whose Line Is It Anyways) "Those were the days...too bad those days are gone." - Ryan. "But are they?.....yes. They are. In other news!...." - Collin

221. "Well, I'm glad you got to see me." - Papa Bobby

222. (Papa Bobby's cellphone voicemail) "This is Bobby. If you need me, I'll call you." - Papa Bobby

223. "Ugh!...That was NOT a good idea." - Jessica Vaughn

224. (Our family was talking about each of our births one day and Papa Bobby said at the end of the conversation...) "Well, the main thing is we're all here." - Papa Bobby

225. "I don't ever read the obituaries cause I know I'm not in there." - Papa Bobby.

226. (Jessica and I were watching Cinderella...) "Ya'll let me know if the slipper fits!" - Nanny

227. (This "somehow" ended up on my Christmas list..."somehow"...)

"The best thing I could do this Christmas and is what I want to do with all my heart, is to give all of my clothes, shoes, music, i-pod, food, and vehicular transportative devices to none other than Jessica Vaughn. If I could do this, I would ask for nothing more…I promise."

228. Cari noticed we were getting new neighbors and said: "I hope they have a moderately attractive boy." - Cari Phillips. "Cari, what's wrong with you? Just moderately attractive? Shouldn't he be HOT?" - Mrs. Phillips

229. Reading a card from the Disney Scene It Game. "...as he tries to conceive--" - Cari Phillips. Katie Phillips reads over her shoulder and interrupts. "Cari, its convince!"

230. "I didn't see myself...and so I messed up!" - Erika (A 5-year-old girl I babysit)

231. "Instead of a drink from Sonic, can I have a puppy?" - Cari Phillips

232. "Want a mint?" - Cari Phillips. "Sure. What kind?" - Me "Pepper." - Cari

233. "Umm...what's her name!? TRACY!" - Momma Vaughn (whose name is also Tracy. How could you forget her name, mom?!) :)

234. "Shoo girl!" - Me "You shoo!" - Rory (a little girl I babysit)

235. "Ew! Bird Poop! Looks like its from an eagle...! No. An eagle wouldn't do that...it'd be unamerican!" - Pam Swinney

236. "We were getting some culture, gosh darnet!" - Katie Vaughn

237. At the museum of natural history in the Florida Keys. We walked into this room and the first thing we see is this very large wooden crab. "Wow. Its a huge...crab." - Katie Vaughn

238. "Well, he had a long name, but Methusela had longer years!" - Erin (a little girl I babysit)

239. "Can I see!?" - Erika (little 5-year-old I babysit). "Can you read?" - Me. "No." - Erika. "Ok. You can see." - Me

240. Playing with his bullrider character toys. "I didn't know you were wearing spurs! Yes, well, I am. That's what I know. I am." - Tucker (little boy I babysit)

241. "That's as easy as falling off a piece of cake!" - Tigger

242. "That was the most momentous hug in the historical of the 100 Acre Wood!" - Tigger

243. "I can't stand the suspenders!" - Tigger

244. Stepping onto snow... "It's a dream! We're surrounded by vanilla icecream!" - Snowbuddies

245. "Ooo.. You smell." - Cari. I gave her a look. "Not you. I tend to talk to..objects." - Cari Phillips

246. Playing Disney Scene It Game. She was guessing the dwarfs' names.. "Happy...Grumpy...Sneezy...Hungry...I was serious!!" - Cari Phillips

247. "Its a penguin!...(I mean) A pigeon!!" - Erin Mallory

248. "I'd like to live in Las Vegas sometime." - Tucker (little boy I babysit)

249. "Its ok for us to kiss...we're related...bloodly.." - Cari Phillips

250. While poking my back... "Locusts!" - Cari Phillips

251. "Oo! She's drinking and driving!" - Cari Phillips. "Its coke..." - Me

252. Guessing the witch from the Chronicles of Narnia on the Disney Scene It Game... "The Snow White Queen...The Snow Queen of Whiteness...The Queen of Snow..Queen Frozone..." - Cari Phillips

253. "Alright, let me ask you this, tell me if you think this is creative. When I was five, I imagined that there was such a thing as a unicorn. And this was before I had even heard of one, or seen one. I just drew a picture, of a horse, that could fly over rainbows, and it had a huge spike in its head. I was five! Five-years-old. Couldn't even talk yet." - Michael Scott from The Office.

254. "The moon looks so big!" - Jessica. "Yeah...its even bigger in person." - Me

255. (playing with a napkin) "Minnie Mouse! Airplane... Napkin." - Katie Phillips

256. (seeing a cat walk by) "She is allergic to cats. Close your eyes, Bekah!" - little Erika

257. "I'm in time out." - Sarah Lanier

258. "He's picking up pace!" - Sarah Lanier (referring to the penguin man..ha ha)

259. (playing scattergories, 4 letter word beginning with C) "Chill." - Me. "Chill?" - Katie and Cari
Phillips. "Yes." - me. "For the *4* letter word?" - Katie and Cari Phillips. "Yes! (it dawns on me...) Oh." - me

260. "Hannah Montana is hot. I'm serious!" - little Warren

261. (wearing a button down shirt over a *muscle shirt*, continues to flip open his button down shirt) "Look! I'm wearing a tank top!" - little Warren

262. "I'm fine, I'm one of those super people." - Grandmother Betty

263. (driving by a car wash that was being run by a couple adults and some little children) "Child Labor!" - Jess

264. (discussing "To Kill a Mockingbird) "I've read some of it!" - Katie Phillips. "You still think its called How to Kill a Mockingbird!" - Cari Phillips

265. "Sorry, we never did hooked on phonics." - Mr. Phillips. "Yes we did!" - Katie Phillips

266. "Katie, want to split some bread with me?" - Cari. "Sure." - Katie. "You can eat it all..." - Cari

267. (pointing to her toys and turning to me) "I'm disappointed you were going to play with these." - little Taylor

268. "By the by" - Cari Phillips

269. "This is exasperating!" - Donald Duck

270. "Mom says I need to open the door for people. She says I need to be a gentleman." - little Levi

271. "Miss Emily! Miss Emily! Guess WHAT!" - little Levi. "What, Levi?!" - me. "That's a beautiful purse." - little Levi

272. (pointing to her toy, speaking like her mom) "This is not a toy, guys. This is not a toy." - little Taylor

273. "Remember. If it doesn't say Benford on it...someone else’s name is probably there." - Tim the Toolman (home improvement)

274. "Do you know what a widget is?" - Me. "Yes....a little person!" - Katie Vaughn

275. "You give me grief...I puke my guts on you. (spanish accent)." - Jessica Sampler

276. (listening to "The Man You Love" by Il Divo) "I only know the chorus to this song." - Mom. "That's because the rest of the song is in Italian!" - Me.

277. "That was close!" - My Mom. "Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and small nuclear wars." - My Dad

278. “I knew that topic was pregnant with possibility.” - Tim Sweetman

279. “I want an Irish accent for Christmas.” – Bradley Davis

280. “Grandmothers spoil them. When Great-Grandmothers spoil, there is no end.” – Grandmother Betty

281. “Wait 9 months and you’ll know what it is.” – Papa Tom

282. “You get so tired sometimes you just wanna lean against a tree.” – Papa Tom

283. “Gotta get your neck into it!” – Me “I can’t really do my neck like that. I have trouble with rhythm. I look like a chicken.” – Sarah Lanier

284. “Oh look! A purple car.” – Sarah Lanier. “Oh wow. That’s a mistake.” – Me

285. (Sarah clicking her tongue) “You sound like you are calling a squirrel.” – Me. “Maybe I am! Squirrels are my friends.” – Sarah Lanier

286. “The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is being admitted.” – Sarah Lanier

287. “Do you want to stop and get a drink from Taco Casa?” – Katie Davis. “Is that even a legitimate question?” – Me. “…..So, is that a yes?” – Katie Davis

288. (Plate of spaghetti) “I should probably get a fork. You know, I normally eat with my fingers…but I figure, since we have guests…” – Grandmother Betty

289. “I saw a snake out in the yard. So I grabbed my handgun and hid it by my side. Once I reached the door, Grandmother said, ‘It’s a snake, isn’t it!?” I told her just to go sit there and it would be fine. I went out, had a perfect target, shot it, then came back inside. Grandmother said, ‘It’s still alive!’ So I went and got my rifle, put 18 rounds in it, then handed it to Grandmother. Grandmother went out, shot it 18 times, got him every time, then came back in and said, ‘It’s still alive!’ So I went, got 18 more rounds, loaded them, gave it back to Grandmother, and she went out and shot it 18 more times. ‘It’s still alive!’ She said. So she used the garden hoe to pick it up and put it into a container. She put the lid on and put something on top to weigh it down. The next day she took the container and the garden hoe, went out back, and chopped it up.” – Papa Tom. “I bet it wasn’t alive then!” – Me. “No, it definitely was not.” – Grandmother Betty

290. “Ladybugs—once you touch them, its like they put off an exhaust!” – Jess Sampler

291. “Might as well get used to dirt! Its all over the world.” Eileen Davis

292. (After Noah attempted to walk) “You are almost old enough for a tattoo. You should get one that will grow with you. You should get the world and when you get bigger you can see the continents.” – Bradley Davis

293. “He had bad OCD. B-A-D OCD.” Eileen Davis

294. “We don’t put blocks in our mouths.” – Little Carly

295. “You know why babies put blocks in their mouths? They can see with their tongues." - Eileen Davis. (A person walks into the room) “Babies put blocks into their mouths because they can see with their tongues.” – Little Carly

296. (Mom always said I have the bladder the size of Texas) “I have to go to the bathroom.” – Jess Sampler. “I don’t.” – Me. “Well, Ms. Texas, you keep on truckin’.” – Jess Sampler

297. (Watching a movie and Jess starts to listen) “Oh…my phone is ringing.” - Jess Sampler. (I pause the movie) “Oh..no wait. That’s just water dripping.” – Jess Sampler

298. “Does this new contract nullify the old one?” – Tim Sweetman. “No. This is a separate contract concerning the band’s name not including Brian’s name or initials and it concerns your stomach as well.” - Me. “Manipulation…………. but hey sounds good to me.” – Tim Sweetman

299. "That guy is scared of ladybugs? He is such a pansy." - Me. "I don't want a guy who is scared of the ladybugs. I want a guy who will *eat* the ladybugs!" - McKenzie Almon

300. “Albert the mouse…is dead. We found him deceased and frozen in room 441 on August 22nd. He will forever live in our memories. He left behind his two dear friends Tim Sweetman and Bryan Thomas. His last words: ‘Wish Tim and Andy didn’t move.’ In lieu of flowers, the family asks that cheezits be donated to Carver Hall.” – Tim Sweetman. “Aw, how dreadfully sad. We will mourn this loss and it will be hard to press on. But somehow we will.” - Me. “Yes…its hard. But with brownies we shall overcome.” – Tim Sweetman. “Oh indeed. The question now is simply this: which brownies will ease the pain more? Hot fudge Brownies, Dutch chocolate, or chocolate chip? Maybe its too soon to be thinking on it.” - Me. “So true…it might be disrespectful. But Albert was fond of chocolate chips.” – Tim Sweetman.


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